Customer Management and Inventory Control System (cMics)

Kudo Support cMics

With over 5 years of proven reliability our Log-n-Track system, the free and foundational customer contact tracking system which we provide to each of our clients, is now complemented by a fully integrated Customer Management and Inventory Control System (cMics) which tracks all customer support calls, ordering, inventory control and shipment tracking. Who was cMics created for? The program was designed for companies who are in need of an electronic system which will allow multiple users to process transactions related to inventory, order tracking and shipping.

Feature Outline:
  • Customer Inquiry Logging
  • Customer & History Search & Reporting
  • Sales Order Submissions
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Product / Inventories Stock Levels Ability for Products to be Assembled by multiple stock parts
  • Ship-from multiple Warehouse
  • Administrative & User Level Support

  • If your company is looking for a customer tracking and inventory/shipping control system, but have seen the cost of having such a solution developed in-house, the cMics system, compiled with our agent call center solution, becomes an attractive reason for outsourcing your customer support services to us. The system is accessible by your existing staff (Internet connection required) and at the same time, with any agents which are working on your account from Kudo. Thus, a possible situation is day-time regular office hour processing is handled at your establishment, and then nights and weekend services are handled by our agents.