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Front Gate Area Expansion Area Move up to 2nd Floor Application Room Basketball/Volleyball Courtk Security Area Power Backup Medical Clinic Reception Area Employees' Lounge Kudo Café Training Room Conference Room

Kudo Support, Inc. Front Gate
Our Facility

We provide billing, customer care and technical support services via email, website chat and voice from our 27,000 sq. ft. call center facility.  Our operations provides service to our clients 24 hours/day 365 days/year.

Network Data Center
Network Data Center

Our fire-resistant and Biometric Secured Network Data Center houses the equipment needed to maintain secure and reliable networking needs to the facility.  Additionally, customer co-hosted equipment areas are available.  Our ISO 27001 certification demonstrates our use of best practices in the industry for the security of customer data.

Security and Access Control System
Security and Access Control Systems

Manned employee security check points Video Surveillance.
Access control systems in place:
ID Control Scanning with Visual Confirmation, Biometric, Proximity Electronic device policies covering usage of Cell phones, PDA's, camera's, memory storage devices, etc. in operations areas. All agent CPU activity recorded for security audits.

Generator Set Power Backup
Power Backup

We have two layers of power backup protection in case utility power problems.  The first layer of protection is handled by Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) on all network, communications and workstation equipment.  The second layer of protection is handled by a diesel generator and Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) which will accept the full load within 20 seconds of a utility power interruption.  The ATS provides additional protection to the facility against utility company Over/Under voltage and phase loss conditions.

Bldg1-Operations Area
Building 1 Expansion Area

Having a large facility enables us to meet the needs of both current and future clients, allowing us to increase in size, as your business grows.

Medical Clinic
Medical Clinic

Our company physician assists our employees with regular health check-ups.

Reception Area
Reception Area

Our friendly and reliable receptionists are ready to assist with your needs.

Employees Lounge
Employees' Lounge

This is the place where our employees can socialize with other staff, unwind and relax before/after shift or during their breaks.  We've also included a sleeping bunker for those employees who work overnight shifts and desire to come into work early.

Kudo Café
Kudo Café

Our on-site Employee Café is open 24 hours 365 days/year.  Each employee can enjoy freshly cooked hot meals without leaving the premises.

Basketball and Volleyball Court
Basketball and Volleyball Court

Happy and loyal employees are an integral part of our goal to deliver excellent service to our clients.  And on-site Basketball and Volleyball areas help our employees enjoy life outside of the working environment.

Building 3 - Conference Room
Conference Room

Designed to accommodate multiple types of meetings, calibration sessions or video conference calls with our clients.  Our conference rooms are more than a table and chairs, they include large screen LED TV's and high speed internet connections.

Building 3 - Training Area
Training Room

One of the two Training Facilities with A/V and sound systems that can accommodate up to 60 stations for voice, chat and email support.

Building 2 - Application Room
Application Room

This is where our recruitment process takes place.  New applicants may apply online inside or outside of our facility.  They are then scheduled for on-site testing and interviews.