How It Works

Private labelling on your company Private Labeling Your Services, Sign-up

Working with our Business Development Department we'll guide you through the process of providing us with necessary information on the type of business services you're providing. We'll continue to work with you on creating a desired flow of the interaction between the services we'll be providing and your customers.

Training our staff Training Our Staff

Using the information we gather during the sign-up phase our operations management will develop a training program for the staff members who will service your account. The in-house training will consist of not only testing on product/service knowledge but also mock chats, email processing and voice calls to simulate those issues which your new agents may encounter.

Technology setup Privatization: Technology Setup

With all services that are subscribed to there are several areas that will require customization in our systems. These include a scripting system which allows us to answer your customer questions in the manner you have pre-defined, email accounts and chat integration.

When we provide inbound chat or voice assistance you may choose various levels of customization from a generic "Thank you for chatting with us, how can we assist you today to more elaborate situations of departmentalization such as creating chat sessions for your sales, billing and technical support departments. Ethics security confidentiality

Ethics security confidentiality Ethics, security, confidentiality

Ethical considerations while servicing your company's customers may be taken for granted by some, however, they are not overlooked at Our clients will never have to worry about our ethics when it comes to information which we learn about your company and it's customer base. Additionally, all internal communication and data transfers are completed with the highest level of security in mind. We're experts in handling secure data by implementing SSL encryption with all emails, chats and network transactions.

When it comes to confidentiality, we'll protect your sensitive company and customer data with the highest level of confidentiality.