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Log-N-Track System

Kudo Support's Log-N-Track System tells you at any time of the day or night, exactly what interaction has taken place between your customers and your Kudo agents. We know that reporting information should not take hours, days or longer, it should be "right now" and accurate. Who wants to wait 24 hours, or longer, to receive old information?

This is the splendor of our Log-N-Track system. It's not an off-the-shelf purchased system but instead a proprietary set of tools which we've invested for our clients; it gives you information in Real-Time! This is not because we can, but because it is the kind of service we deliver.

How will your Log-N-Track System work? Hosted on our network and available to you any time of the day or night, you'll get a fully functional tracking system that allows you to create "on-the-fly" reports using options such as date ranges, types of issues, open or closed, inbound/outbound phone call, email, web site chat, etc. Each of our reporting tools is customized to your type of business so you're not locked into a pre-defined criteria.

Step 1, Customer Contact / Resolve:
A contact between your customers and your Kudo agents is made. This will take place by phone call, web site chat or email. Details on the sales order, technical support issue, reservation, message, etc., are entered into Log-N-Track along with the resolve for the contact using a form which has been customized for your company.

Step 2, Submission:
The Tracking Ticket, regardless of type is submitted and instantly receives a tracking number. It is at this point the information is available for you via your online reports. If additional work is needed to "close" "update" or "finalize" the ticket, it may be updated by our staff, or even you through your client interface. Yes, if it's an issue that you or your staff need to review we have provisioned an option for that in the system. By visiting the Client Resources for your account, you'll have access to all Log-N-Track resources.

Step 3, Reporting:
Once a ticket is in the system our staff, quality control or you and others at your company may view details associated with ticket (securely over the Internet), all in real-time. Open issues (example below in image #3, highlighted in red) are escalated according to pre-determined procedures. Follow-up and reports may be downloaded or sent by email either to you or your customer.

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