Parallels Plesk Billing

Parallels Plesk Billing

Parallels Plesk Billing, formerly called Modernbill can make difficult-to-manage tasks that face a web hostingcompany much more manageable. And for that reason, it's important that a call center who provides support to your customer is experienced with using a reliable one.

Is your hosting company in need of increasing it's automation? Let Kudo Support help you with any billing tasksusing Modernbill by ModernGigabyte.

From order processing, hosting account provisioning, billing questions and credit card processing to order verification, Kudo Support has extensive experience with Modernbill. We can provide your company with a staffed billing department who will help keep your AR down, cash coming in and orders verified for additional protection against fraud issues.

  • Other features of their software include:
    Server Balancing: Keep servers fully utilized by reallocation of space from cancelled accounts in seconds.
  • Control Panel Support: Supporting everything from Plesk, Cpanel, Ensim and others, your company, and your customers, will love the power of Modernbill.
  • Automated Domain Registration and Renewals: Multiple registrar's supported with over TLD choices.
  • Multiple Payment Gateway: PayPal, AuthorizeNet, and many others, you'll not be limited to a single payment gateway.
  • Auto suspend/Enable: Eliminate delinquent accounts with the auto-enabled and suspend functions. Chose Modernbill or another billing software, we'll work with you to make sure that your accounts are processed accurately and on-time.

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