Operations Overview

Kudo Support Operations OverviewView a printable overview of our operations outline

Providing first class service to customers is something every business attempts to attain. Kudo Support's call center allows you to reach that goal.

With Internet experience starting in 1997, those at our company have successfully provided customers, in every business category imaginable, with the services that are needed to succeed in today's competitive business environment.

Our focus of providing support services to technology based companies and those in the hospitality and restaurant industries who need to interact with their web site customers for order taking & fulfillment and confirmation services.

Our technical support capabilities extend from basic software configuration, control panel assistance, FTP and other file transfer / web development programs to server maintenance and configuration using SSH on web hosting, DNS and database systems.

Our hospitality / restaurant services include reservation booking, confirmation services by email, phone or fax, credit card encoding for reservation deposits, etc.

Supporting our customers could not be a success without a carefully chosen administrative and support staff; we have one:

  • Kudo Support was founded with an administrative and support staff of 100% university graduates, four (4) year or higher, and continues to employ those of equal caliber. Our pioneer staff was comprised of those with experience in areas of accounting & finance (over 23 years experience in the customer billing and banking industry), mass communications, human resources, marketing and the computer sciences and our hiring practices continue seeking those standards.

The concepts which founded the company consisted of providing the type of service to our client's customers that we would demand from those assisting ours. Rest assured that no change in this philosophy will take place.

Capability Recap:

    Kudo Support Order Processing

    Order Processing:
  1. >> Ordering assistance
  2. >> Order verification
  3. >> Order fulfillment / provisioning
  4. >> Billing and collection assistance
  5. >> Credit Card collections

    Kudo Support Customer Support

    Customer Support
  1. >> During and after order process
  2. >> Customer Services / Technical Support
  3. >> Reservation Bookings
  4. >> Confirmation Services

    Kudo Support Technology

    Technology Specific
  1. >> Web Hosting Support
  2. >> Domain & DNS
  3. >> ISP Support
  4. >> Database Programming functions