VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol

The storm of VoIP in the market opens up the need for customer service in an industry which has just been born into existence. Additionally, with the number of resellers entering the market, there is an influx of service providers who lack the most critical element in the equation: A Sales & Support Department.

KudoSupport.com has a proven track record for providing 1st call resolution technical support. Whether your company is providing hardware based solutions such as VoIP routers, SIP based phone service or other devices our support agents have extensive knowledge in troubleshooting, identifying and resolving VoIP technical support issues.

Whether you're a VoIP Provider or Reseller, our expert VoIP agents have specialized skills to assist with your customers' support needs. Outsource your VoIP customer support tasks.

Technical support for VoIP services include but are not limited to softphones such as CounterPath's X-Lite / eyeBeam and Zoiper Classic and Zoiper Biz, as well as router devices such as the Linksys/Cisco SPA3102 Voice Gateway with Router, Cisco PAP2T Internet Phone Adapter with 2 Ports for Voice-over-IP and Cisco SPA2102 VoIP Phone Adapter with Router.

Here are just a few reasons for outsourcing your VoIP technical support:
  • Avoid the expense and headache's of creating and training a quality support structure and invest the effort on running your core business.
  • Our technical support plans are custom created to provide the services you need, from daily to 24x7x365

  • Call us now or complete our on-line contact form today and let us show you why you should be outsourcing your technical support services.