Web Hosting

With the competitive pricing structure of web hosting accounts today, most providers find themselves with challenges related to staffing their facilities 24 hours/day. We understand the challenges facing your customer service department and can help you with a cost advantage over increasing in-house support services. As your business has grown, so has the need to staff customer service as customers demand support services in excess of Monday-Friday 8 to 5; our agents are on hand ready to provide friendly, patient and knowledgeable support services to your customers.

Offered in both Shared and Dedicated Agent formats, our web hosting customer service has the ability to address sales inquires, billing questions, order provisioning and technical support. Other topics usually provided include:

  • Domain Registrations, DNS adjustments
  • Hosting Control Panel Setup & Usage
  • Email issue troubleshooting
  • Sales & Billing Inquires

  • Other pages on our web site related to hosting: Parallel's, Modernbill

    Web Hosting Control Panels Website URL
    (links will open to new window)
    Linux Version Windows Version Purchase Cost
    Cpanel / WebHost Manager http://www.cpanel.net
    View Cpanel Demo
    Yes Yes Yes
    DirectAdmin http://www.directadmin.com
    View DirectAdmin Demo
    Yes No Yes
    Ensim http://www.ensim.com
    View Ensim Demo
    No Yes Yes
    H-Sphere http://www.parallels.com
    View H-Sphere Demo
    Yes Yes Yes
    Hosting Controller http://www.hostingcontroller.com
    View Hosting Controller Demo
    Yes Yes Yes
    InterWorx http://www.interworx.com
    View InterWorx Demo
    Yes Yes Yes
    Plesk (PSA) Control Panel http://www.parallels.com
    View Plesk Demo
    Yes Yes Yes
    Sphera http://www.sphera.com
    Demo not available
    Yes Yes Yes
    vDeck http://www.vdeck.com
    Demo not available
    Yes Yes Yes
    Virtualmin Pro http://www.virtualmin.com
    View Virtualmin Demo
    Yes No Yes

    Disclaimer: Kudo Support, Inc. is not the owner of the control panel software sites listed. In order to find out more about any listed control panel system, please contact the corresponding company.